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General History Gallery

This eclectic gallery features exhibits on the local Native American culture, the early gold mining industry of our state, and influential local businesses.

Native Americans were plentiful in the Cobb County area when early Americans settled in Marietta . The gallery houses a collection of original pottery found in Cobb County, a unique collection of arrowheads (also called Bird Tips) and a rare bible dated 1860 written in the Cherokee language. The gallery also tells stories about the “Trail of Tears”, the directional markers used by the Indians called Thong Trees and about a significant leader of the Cherokee Indians called Sequoyah.

Influential Marietta families and homegrown businesses from rocking chairs to Lockheed/Martin are highlighted in the General History Gallery. A genuine Kluge Printing Press circa 1938, a large two tier wood and glass case from Rogers Grocery store and a Telephone Operator’s Switchboard used in the 1950s are just a few of the many remembrances of important local businesses.

Not to be missed is a delightful collection of Boy/Girl Scout memorabilia recounting a century of adventures!

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