Trunk Shows

Teacher Resource
The Marietta Museum of History is pleased to offer schools the chance to bring history into the classroom with our trunk shows.

Our trunk shows can be rented for a week or more depending on your needs.
$50 for a one week rental that includes a $25 refundable deposit
$100 for a two week rental that includes a $50 refundable deposit

Refundable deposits will be given after the trunk has been inventoried by Museum staff after its return.  Missing or broken artifacts or trunk may mean the forfeit of the deposit.

We currently offer:
Civil War
Explore the Civil War through the people and places of Marietta and Cobb County.

World War II/1940s
Touch and feel the uniforms, read newspapers and letters from soldiers and their families during one of the major events of the 20th century.

More trunk shows are being created for the school year 2015-16 so please check back soon. To rent a trunk please contact the Museum at 770-794-5710.

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